Rebekah Prince is a tenacious yet caring individual who strives for and achieves outstanding results both personally and for her clients. She is sharp and leads by example. Rebekah continuously coaches and encourages others creating a friendly working environment  that brings out the best in people. She has the ability to succeed in any challenge she accepts, therefore she has my recommendation.
Bruce Buffer; President Buffer Enterprises, Inc. International Sports & Entertainment Announcer


Your intuition is undeniably correct!

Kellie Amanda Jones

Chelmsford, (EFT/Theta)

What can I say apart from one truly Amazing lady! I have had a tremendously positive experience- breaking old negative patterns and beliefs and replacing them with positive, happy ones that every day I use. 

The experience leaves you feeling unburdened, relaxed, and refreshed. I highly recommend to any person open to wanting to change and heal for the better. Rebekah is genuinely kind and caring- very compassionate in her approach and she creates a safe place to share whatever one feels the need to, without judgement and with real tools to help in healing. Highly recommend- try it once and you’ll see what I mean! Thanks Beki my life is changing for the better! x

Susan Nada

Chelmsford, (EFT/Reiki/Life Coaching/Angel Readings)

I had no hesitations with working with Rebekah, I liked that I could open up and not be judged. I would recommend Rebekah to friends because she is so welcoming, knowledgeable and comforting. There is nothing to be scared about and I thank her so much for her time and patience.

Tasha Nathan

Boreham, (EFT)

Life changing!! Amazing. A must for anyone looking for support, strength and guidance. A true healer for mind, body and spirit.

Kerry Morgan

Woodford Green, (EFT/Life Coaching/Angel Readings)

Rebekah is fabulous!

Angela Chouaib

Kent , (EFT)

Rebekah is honest trustworthy and sincere as well as being good at what she does. I would always recommend!

John Ali

Chelmsford, (Coaching)

Well where do I start… A healer for the mind body and soul, truly changed my life for the absolute best.. Cured my phobia too!! Cannot recommend highly enough.

Vanessa Fox

Woodham Ferrers, (Life Coaching/Angel Readings)

I have known Rebekah for several years and found her to totally focused and professional at all times and as the healing princess has brought a sense of calm and peace to what is a very busy lifestyle I would recommend her to anyone.

David Lee

Kent, (Reiki/Coaching/Angel Readings)

Rebekah has a wonderful healing presence and puts people at ease immediately upon meeting them. She is extremely motivating and inspirational and you cannot help but feel uplifted and inspired when talking to her.  Her passion and professionalism is second to none and her positive outlook and confidence is contagious. I would recommend anyone to use Rebekah’s services she literally does transform peoples lives.

Danni Levy, Fitness Guru, Author and TV Presenter

Dengie, (EFT/Life Coaching/Tarot & Angel Readings)

Brilliant. Rebekah got to the core of my issues quickly and I felt better after just one session. I found her warm approach enabled to talk freely and easily about my past and over a period of sessions I have been able to put my traumas to rest. I cannot help her enough for her invaluable help in turning my life around.

Maria Ann Parnell-Green

Southminister, (EFT/Life Coaching/Angel Readings)

When I visited Rebekah I wasn’t really expecting much but after about half an hour I found myself really opening up and exploring the potential issue I wanted to address. I was very surprised / impressed with how comfortable and “easy” Rebekah made me feel and how quickly we made progress on the issue.

Since my first visit I have noticed a significant improvement on the issue and looking forward to my next sessions to put this to bed. I would recommend anyone to visit Rebekah, especially if you are unsure.

Stuart Barnett

Braintree, (EFT/Theta Healing/Life Coaching/Angel Readings)

The true value and connection you’ll only find on a visit to Beki, recommend you see her for anything she has vast skills to help, heal and understand.

Samantha Mawdsley

Danbury , (EFT/Life Coaching/Tarot & Angel Readings)

Beautiful lady inside and out, totally in tune with her clients and their needs, natural healer and very intuitive, no one comes close to her ability, change your life so much for the better with the Healing Princess.

Lisa Cullinane (Coaching/Tarot Readings)


This woman turned my life around!
I was totally broken, and she eased me back into functionality to the point that I am now able to help others.
I cannot stress how much I owe her.

Paul Collyer

Crawley, (Life Coaching/Reiki/Angel Readings)

Amazing beautiful lady loved every second of it will defo return to becky again in the future 🙂

Richard Fortey

Chelmsford, (Coaching)

I was curious as I did not know a lot about this therapy, but I liked the way it was explained to me and it left me feeling very good and calm. I was surprised how quickly the results happened. I would definitely recommend.

Heike Stief

Germany, (EFT/Life Coaching/Angel Reading)

Rebekah is an amazing lady very empathetic and helpful.

Karen Daniels

Braintree, (Life Coaching)

Free healing tips and guided meditations

Have loved seeing Beki ‘The Healing Princess’. ☺️
She is kind, understanding, funny and beautiful. I feel like I’ve known her years and it’s only been months. Her words are spot on and have made me feel more positive and appreciative of life. Thankyou Beki, looking forward to seeing to next time. xx

Lisa Marie

Chelmsford, (EFT/Life Coaching/Angel Readings)

When I first meat Rebekah, some time ago, and I was impressed by her professional attitude, but what really stood out to me, and continues to to this day, is her kindness, empathy and passion for her healing arts.
The Healing Princess, is truly worthy of the title.

Steve Johansen

Chelmsford, (Coaching)

Rebekah has opened my eyes and helped me change my mindset. It’s been a pleasure and I recommend anyone to use her services. Together we have figured out my next big move! Thank you, thank you.

Tony Chrobak

Dallas, Texas, (Coaching)

Rebekah is great, she has given me loads of new tools to use in my quest for achieving my goals and helping others achieve theirs. 2015 is going to be my best year ever, partly because she has shown me new things but mostly because she has made me believe in myself again. Thanks Rebekah 🙂

Gareth Hambleton

Southend on Sea, (EFT/Life Coaching/Angel Readings)

This lady is amazing, the best in her field.

Jon Parker

Basildon, (Reiki/Life Coaching/Tarot & Angel Readings)

Beki is a kind, considerate, caring person. She will assist you where ever she can – and on lots of different levels.

Reg Palmer

Heathrow, (Coaching)

Very intuitive lady with a true gift for healing others. Thank you for being fabulous Rebekah !

Toni Humberstone

Chelmsford, (Life Coaching/Angel Readings)