EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)

eftEmotional Freedom Technique commonly known as EFT or tapping; is a powerful, easy-to-learn and easy-to-use technique that can reduce stress and/or painful emotions associated with thoughts, traumas, relationships, phobias and past experiences etc.

It is a method of clearing emotional, mental and physical issues based on an understanding that many issues have emotional roots underlying them.
It is sometimes referred to as an emotional version of acupuncture (without the needles). As each meridian point of the body is tapped on you stimulate a release point (allowing the charge/emotion to be released.
It is a process to identify and eliminate your unconscious blocks to success so that you can achieve your objectives more easily.

Once learnt you can use this empowering technique yourself.

The theory behind EFT is that negative emotions are caused by a disruption in the body’s energy system. In order to release negative emotions we need to rebalance the energy system.

We have energy circuits (named meridians) flowing through us and we create electrical energy that can be read from the brain and the heart. Just like we cannot see the electricity that fuels our homes (but we see the effects of it and we see the effects when it is not working) we are also unable to see this energy however this should not prevent us from acknowledging that the energy is there.

This is true of our own energy; negative emotions are symptoms of energy disruptions in the body. When we have no negative emotions then there is no disruption of energy flow through the meridians of the body.

The energetic imbalance can be detected by muscle testing and there witnessed as beliefs change and areas are cleared.

EFT tapping techniques help to clear energy through all the meridian channels so it is not necessary to identify the specific area of disturbance. The EFT tapping points are all meridian acupressure points.

The EFT procedure involves voicing your concern or problem in the form of an affirmation whilst tapping on meridian end points, this clears the energy disturbance, and helps to resolve the issue.

There are several points on your body that are tapped gently with the tips of the fingers on one hand, whilst repeating certain relevant phrases at the same time.

What can I say apart from one truly Amazing lady! I have had a tremendously positive experience- breaking old negative patterns and beliefs and replacing them with positive, happy ones that every day I use.

The experience leaves you feeling unburdened, relaxed, and refreshed. I highly recommend to any person open to wanting to change and heal for the better. Rebekah is genuinely kind and caring- very compassionate in her approach and she creates a safe place to share whatever one feels the need to, without judgement and with real tools to help in healing. Highly recommend- try it once and you’ll see what I mean! Thanks Beki my life is changing for the better! x

Susan Nada


Brilliant. Rebekah got to the core of my issues quickly and I felt better after just one session. I found her warm approach enabled to talk freely and easily about my past and over a period of sessions I have been able to put my traumas to rest. I cannot help her enough for her invaluable help in turning my life around.

Maria Parnell Green


Rebekah is fully registered with the AAMET


I had no hesitations with working with Rebekah, I liked that I could open up and not be judged. I would recommend Rebekah to friends because she is so welcoming, knowledgeable and comforting. There is nothing to be scared about and I thank her so much for her time and patience.

Tasha Nathan