Angel Cards Readings

angelWe all have guardian angels that are always with us and protect us whether we know it or not. Angels are powerful and loving messengers of divine love that are happy to share with us their loving guidance and heavenly intervention.

Angels are spiritual beings that are in a different realm too us. Therefore they are not limited by time or space and can help numerous people at once with issues of all levels of magnitude or importance.

Their main purpose is our happiness and safety; however it is important to note that as we have free will, angels will not interfere in our lives without our permission.

Once you do ask for help from the angels, or set the intention to connect with them, they will begin work on your behalf.

To start benefiting from angelic help you just need to think or say “Angels I give you permission to help me in my life and on my path”. The more you set the intention to connect with your angels the more clearly their love, guidance, and support will come through for you.

One magnificent way to increase your link with the angelic realm is through the use of angel oracle cards. Rebekah uses a wide variety of cards as a tool for connecting with the love from the angels. Whether you are looking for a specific answer, a general question or seeking reassurance that your angel is watching out for you Rebekah will use the angel cards to meet your needs. The cards can also teach us about the past, present and future implications of any situation.

Sometimes, there will be a theme or common denominator running throughout the cards being read, sometimes the illustrations on the cards themselves will have important or relevant information, every card drawn is significant.

Rebekah comments “I love using the angel cards to guide me on what I most need to focus on for the day and to gain the inner tools I need to do my best in that moment and in my life. The angels always know what to say to get me to understand and to take notice.”