Tarot Reading

TarotTarot card readings are a wonderful experience filled with knowledge and information about yourself and your world.

A tarot reading provides you with detailed information about your current circumstances. Tarot cards are the most informative kind of read possible, as each individual card has meaning that applies to your life. Depending on the layout, you will have information regarding your love life, financial situation, how your friends and family affect you, and what your possible actions can lead to.

The main benefit of the reading is you can make a conscious decision to change anything you don’t like and change the path you are on.

A tarot reading can give you the confidence that you will be prepared for anything that can happen in your future. Gaining all of this information about your surrounding circumstances, you will feel more informed and will have a better understanding of what your possible actions can be. This also means that your confidence in dealing with people will be boosted, as you will know more about yourself and can choose to handle yourself better.

During a tarot reading you will learn information that you secretly already know, because often, we have knowledge that we store away and never realise we have access to. Through a tarot reading, the information you receive will help you unlock much of that information and knowledge that you have forgotten or taken in subconsciously. This will assist you in reacting to situations without making you feel as though your reading is a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Overall, you will quickly realise how positive an experience a tarot reading can be, and you will find yourself wanting to have another one. Most of us are going through important or uncertain times in our lives at some stage.

This lady is amazing, the best in her field.

Jon Parker

Basildon, (EFT/Life Coaching/Tarot & Angel Readings)

The true value and connection you’ll only find on a visit to Beki, recommend you see her for anything she has vast skills to help, heal and understand.

Sam Mawdsley

Danbury , (EFT/Life Coaching/Tarot & Angel Readings)

Beautiful lady inside and out, totally in tune with her clients and their needs, natural healer and very intuitive, no one comes close to her ability, change your life so much for the better with the Healing Princess.

Lisa Cullinane

Canewdon, (Coaching/Tarot Readings)