“Transforming you through breakthrough healing.”

Values and Belief Systems

Everyone is individual and unique and therefore requires a unique and individual response to assist their healing and personal development. I also believe that it is vital to treat the underlying cause not just the presenting symptom, in order to create and maintain permanent positive change.

I offer a safe service in a comfortable environment where you can talk at ease about your concerns and know that you will not be judged.

I believe that we are all ‘work in progress’ and over time we can change any of our damaging learnt beliefs to positive ones that benefit us.

I also believe we are what we think and we create what we think. Therefore we create our own reality. Through a combination of teachings I will show you how to change your thoughts to be positive and to reach your goals.

I believe it is important to heal your own life. No one will change it for you. You have to want the change. If you are looking for guidance and support through your journey contact Rebekah now.