Crystal Healing

CrystalsThe use of crystals to promote pain relief and healing is increasing in popularity. Crystal healing creates improvements in both physical and emotional health.

Crystals can be used as an alternative remedy to address a variety of ailments to complement traditional Western medicine treatments.

The heart of crystal healing is the belief in ancient rituals that involved crystals, gemstones and rocks as a way of balancing energy. Depending on the condition, crystals are selected and are placed on or near the chakras, or energy centres that need to activated or balanced.

Pain and stress relief are the most common benefits. They can also be used to treat conditions such as insomnia, arthritis, anxiety and depression. Crystal healing can also increase vitality, mental insight and an improved awareness of the body to improve day to day decision making.

What to expect

Before your treatment is initiated; Rebekah will conduct an initial physical, mental, emotional and spiritual assessment, depending upon your needs. She will then select crystals with specific shapes, sizes, colours, structures and mineral content, in an effort to find the ideal match for what your body’s chakras need. During your treatment, you may feel a sense of weightlessness, as if pressure is being lifted from your body.

Alternatively you may feel various energy centres heating up or tingling. Most people enter a state of near hypnosis or deep meditation during the treatment, while some fall asleep. However, some people report feeling nothing during or immediately after a session, but can feel a gradual improvement as time passes.

Crystal healing works differently for different people and conditions. Some people need only one visit to treat a specific condition. Others might treat crystal healing like any other stress or pain relieving treatment; such as massage, and go for weekly treatments. A typical course of therapy includes a minimum of three sessions.

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