My Services

I work with all my clients on a personal level and accommodate their needs, in the private safety of my healing room. The many healing techniques I have successfully trained in can be used to treat a vast selection of symptoms, traumas and conditions to ensure YOU get the lasting results you want.

I promise to provide guidance and support with integrity, understanding and empathy and to do my best for you in the shortest time possible with a lasting result.

How I work with you

I have an encompassing collection of skills due to my challenging and holistic approach. That enables me to choose the most efficient combination of healing methods to suit your needs and challenges for addressing them.

Having experienced many ‘therapy’ sessions in the past and just as I started to open up the practitioner would say ‘OK, times up we can continue this next week’. I would feel stressed and sometimes traumatised by what I had uncovered, for this reason my sessions are two hours long (with the option to extend); compared with others that are only 50 minutes. This enables great lasting results and has proven success.

I offer a variety of packages to suit all budgets; as my passion to heal people.

During the complimentary discovery session we will confidentially discuss the areas you would like to work on and begin analysing the root cause of the issue at a pace that suits you. At no point will you be asked to relive old traumas or pain unless you wish to.

There are many techniques which enable a short-cut route to healing and this is where I specialise. Having spent years repeating myself to various therapists and leaving them feeling worse, I sought to find ways that others would not have to experience such encounters. Therefore, you will always leave with positive intention and with the tools to continue working on the healing process yourself.

I will teach you proven successful techniques, maximising your ability to make the best choices for you with immediate effects.

To learn more or to book an appointment contact me now.