Q. What happens at the first meeting - the 'Discovery Session'?

A. Here you can describe the areas you feel you need help with and express any issues/concerns.

We may discuss any relevant past or present events and how it is affecting your life. It is these issues that will be the focus of the joint work between us. The process will be outlined and options discussed for starting the programme. The appropriate documentation will also be completed, which will include agreement on fees and payment method. Also my ethical and professional rules will be discussed.

Q. What if I have more than one issue to work on?
A. If there is more than one issue, we discuss what issues you would like to work on first, and which has the most impact for you currently. From this point a plan is developed to achieve the most successful results for you in an agreed timescale.

Once the focus has been agreed; possible treatment options are discussed to ensure you feel comfortable with the process and will receive maximum benefit. Your needs are taken into account with specific requirements to ensure you feel comfortable with the process and understand every step.

Q. Do you work with everyone?
A. It is very important that we have a trusting rapport. If I decide that I am not the best person to help you and that you are out of my field of expertise, I will recommend a therapist who I feel is more knowledgeable in that field if I can.

I work mainly through recommendation, so it makes perfect sense to only work with those people I am confident in being able to do the very best for.

Q. Are our discussions confidential?
A. During each session you can be assured of a completely safe and secure atmosphere when your most sensitive and private problems and issues can be addressed in complete confidentiality.
Q. How will I know if I am making progress in my sessions?
A. At each session it will be clear to you what progress is being made. In between meetings and at any time you can contact Rebekah if you need further support.
Q. How long will it take to fix me?
A. There is no time limit on the duration of your programme or the length of an appointment, since, by definition, every client is different. Programmes may vary between 2 and 24 sessions, subject to need. There may be some people that I am unable to help.
Q. How long does a healing session last?
A. Usual length of an appointment is 2 hours, depending on mutually agreed session.
Q. How do I know if I need a life coach?
A. Only you will know if you really need a life coach or not. Answering yes to any of the following questions might suggest that you could benefit from some life coaching.

• Is your self esteem low?
• Do you often feel overwhelmed by your daily tasks?
• Do you feel like everyone has a master plan except you?
• Do you feel you have a lack of support in your life?
• Do you feel like the whole world is against you?
• Are you going through difficult times in your life and need direction/help?
• Do you have deadlines you can’t deal with and are struggling to cope?

Q. Why are your fees set the way they are?
A. The fee structure is designed for you to get the maximum from your session(s). You can take advantage of the special offers and progress is always reviewed at the end of every session so you can decide what action you wish to take next.
Q. Can I only book one session at a time?
A. Yes, you can book and pay as you go or take advantage of our packages to get reduced rates. We do not pressure our clients into treatments.
Q. I am scared of tarot readings, don’t they tell you bad stuff?
A. The tarot reading will discuss past, present and future events in your life. It will not state any tragedies in your future but it may provide warnings e.g. concerning finances or relationships.
Q. Can I change my future?
A. Yes, absolutely. Rebekah offers many choices to assist in positively changing your future.