Get your first treatment for just £99!

This includes a 2 hour session plus your discovery session

Why work with me?

I will motivate and challenge you to be your best. Together we will implement important changes, to enable you to reach your full potential. As we work together, you will feel things shifting and observe as you grow internally. In addition you will begin attracting new people and opportunities into your life that support your end goals.

If you want to see results, and fast, without spending months regurgitating the past, contact me; I will show you how to:

  • Start mapping out the life you desire and show you the practical steps to make it happen.
  • Increase your confidence, self esteem and acceptance.
  • Make new, healthier emotional and physical choices for yourself and your relationships.
  • Be motivated and inspired to do what you love.
  • Overcome limiting beliefs and self sabotage.
  • Identify the patterns in your life and learn how to make a change.
  • Discover who YOU really are and find YOUR inner peace..
  • Stay in control of your emotions and mindset even when triggers occur.
  • Drop the mask and BE yourself.
  • Change and let go of negative emotions which no longer serve you and make life work for you.
  • Learn how to say No (and still keep your friends).
  • Live an authentic life, in line with YOUR core values.
  • Handle and overcome any challenge that life throws your way.
  • Set boundaries which will enhance your quality of life.
  • Take back your power.

Discovery Session

£FREE/1 session
  • To begin the process, a complimentary discovery session will be carried out. This will then enable a treatment plan to be devised that is unique to you. Together we will work on an open ended basis, reviewing progress and any further treatment / actions required at the end of each session.
  • You will be given tools and handouts how to continue to do the process on your own or can return to continue the process with Rebekah.
  • You will be able to contact Rebekah for support after your session.

Rebekah will be available for support after each session. All options can be extended if required. Various payment options are available and can be arranged to suit your needs. Initial payment is required up front to secure your appointment and ensure commitment. Sessions can be delivered via Skype or face to face at the healing centre.